Anger to Illumination: Fire to Light

Anger, annoyance, frustration, judgement are all fiery emotions. Often we treat fire with fire, becoming annoyed at that which annoyed us, then maybe even getting annoyed with ourselves for getting triggered by the annoyance reaction. Resistance to resistance creates more fire, an inflammatory mess.

In meditation, that can be the fun of it.  Take the annoyance right into the "laboratory," and with psychodrama try feeling as annoyed as you can possibly imagine. If people and the world are the props in this theatre to help you access the fire energy, then all the better. With each “Fire Session", go as intensely as you can into the feeling, then let it go, feeling the grace of the Heavens descending down through your crown and all around you.  


Fire is in our nature.  It is one of our finest gifts.  We can transform from the lower realms of heat (annoyance, judgement, frustration, along with any accompanying physical manifestations) into its higher frequency of illumination (clarity, pure consciousness, bright light).  You may notice bursts, like quantum leaps, of transformation in the form of "Aha!" as the light shines upon Truth.  


Untruth, confusion, dis-ease, fear, arrogance, self-pity, etc. really should make you feel angry; this is an appropriate human emotional reaction.  It's the juice that energizes many a social activist.  Yet if the fire element is kept in the lower realms, it certainly can burn you and those around you in a destructive way.  When you fully actualize the fire nature, stepping out of the fire into it's surrounding light, you develop the surgical laser tools to (like the Hindu goddess Kali) precisely remove the “tumors” of people and the world around you. Especially when you remember that the other is you, that they are projections of your own inner creator. You realize that before this refinement, you were lighting the whole landscape on fire. After the transformation, the fire element becomes a tool for psychic surgery or enlightenment. 


And don't forget the popcorn!