Are you bored?  Might that be interesting?

Quick talking yourself out of negative emotions.  If you're bored, then you are boring yourself.  It is true. YOU ARE bored. 

The deal, as always, though, is that it's not because of out there, but in here.  When we are bored, we are boring ourselves. Just like when we are amused, we are amusing ourselves. "Out there" is just a stage prop to set us up for our internal experiences, the only stuff that's real.

So how does that work?  

If I'm bored, it's because I'm choosing (albeit usually passively) to stay superficial in that moment.  We Know that each moment vibrates the full depth of God's creation, but we are not experiencing that depth of beauty, love and power because we are keeping at the surface level.  Boredom is the feeling that gives us this feedback, to let us know that in that moment we truly are wasting our time here on earth.

So when we feel bored, we can pivot on that feeling to search more deeply, to catch the glimpse of the Beloved Who is lurking just behind that bush over there, just in our peripheral vision. We can let boredom invite us into curiosity, to look more closely at what's really going on in that moment. 

If we are living superficially, would we really want that to go on?  Wouldn't it be nice for a little alarm to go off to let us know that we are wasting the moment?  Ding: boredom! Good feedback.

Praise be to Boredom!


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