Spiritual, Mind-Body, Medical Coaching

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One-on-One Sessions

What to expect in a healing session

People ask questions about emotional, spiritual and physical matters; it's pretty varied. Sometimes we will work with medical issues to help integrate them into a person's psycho-spiritual life or just to help them navigate the medical system. But the most common area we work with is that the aspects of suffering that are locked in to a particular experience can be unlocked. Once the condition ceases to be associated with suffering, it is more likely to shift and resolve. Sometimes the counseling techniques incorporate aspects from Kundalini Yoga, Byron Katie, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Panache Desai, or eastern mystical traditions. The overall model for how illness and suffering arise is from Ayurveda, and sometimes its dietary and lifestyle recommendations are quite useful and work in complementary fashion. The sessions themselves tend mostly to be conversational, with occasional short processes to experience what is shifting. 

Sessions are 1:1 by phone or Skype, and are limited in availability, starting at $200 a session.

Couples Counseling

What to expect in a healing session


Shang Rang and his wife Arjan Kaur Khalsa, offer counseling for couples. Together Arjan and Sham Rang will work with you and your partner in their home.

Meet Arjan Kaur Khalsa, an inspired spiritual counselor, intuitive teacher, and healer. As a vehicle for divine consciousness, Arjan Kaur offers personal readings and intuitive healing sessions that awaken people to their own divinity and purpose. For more than 30 years, she has been a yoga and meditation teacher, leading numerous workshops on self-love, self-empowerment, intuition, and healthy relationships. She is a medium who works with ascended masters, an angel healing practitioner, and is certified in past-life regression. It is her mission to live in love and be of service to others by helping them discover a life of joy and inner peace.

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Sessions for marriage/couples counseling are available in person in the home of Arjan and Sham Rang, starting at $200 a session.